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Crazy Angel Spray Tan   



A little Bit of information about the tan.......

Sent From Heaven...

Tan to perfection with the Crazy Angel collection of professional tanning products. The supreme range from this boutique brand will caress your body with a heavenly bronzed veil. This fabulous and innovative range is heaven sent, after using Crazy Angel you are on the path to an eternal tan.



Only Heaven Knows...

Crazy Angels’ innovative formulations achieve fabulous sun free results. The tanning industry experts at Crazy Angel Headquarters, have developed a beautiful and angelic tan. It is attained through naturally derived DHA and Erythrulose without the use of Alcohol, Parabens or Mineral Oil. Bearberry extracts soften and caress you skin whilst leaving your halo intact.



Thank Heavens...

Calling all angels… this is the promised tanning solution. Crazy Angel products are not only out of this world they create a glorious impact in any retail or salon space. The inspired packaging and celestial fragrance allows all angels to have a flawless, long lasting golden sun glow. Experience the range and earn your wings.




The Crazy Angel professional salon range offers a complete and incredible tanning experience.

The Crazy Angel self tan concept came from a need, want and desire for a personalised self tan. Crazy Angel knows that all angels are unique and that a one colour suits-all product isn't personalised enough with an angelic touch for their precious bodies. From this the boutique brand was born. Ingredients were sourced from around the world to meet with the strict, alcohol, mineral oil and paraben free promise. Our range wouldn't look out of place in any boudoir. Whether this is at home, your salon, on location or on the catwalk, Crazy Angel will add a touch of angelic class.


After intense product innovation and development only those that achieved the most gorgeous and fabulous tan made it in to the collection. Staying true to the original concept of offering a fabulous, flawless and fantastic tanning range, the industry specialists at Crazy Angel Head Quarters are so passionate and work relentlessly to create new products that will revolutionise the world of tanning.



Our Light Tanning Products

The fairest angel of them all...

For gentle skin tones and angels that favour a subtle golden glow, our Golden Mistress spray and Golden Kiss lotion creates light natural and sun kissed angelic glow. These tan tones are great for new angels who are earning their wings and as an introduction into the heavenly world of tanning. All our products work with your own skin tone therefore creating the most natural bronze finish.





Our Dark Tanning Products

Angels cross over to the dark side...

A rich dark tan has always been a consistent fashion trend throughout the years due to its instant slimming, limb lengthening and teeth whitening properties. This all-round and all-over healthy glow could previously only be achieved by boarding a flight to some far off tropical destination. Now creating a darker/olive skin tone couldn’t be easier with Crazy Angels Midnight Mistress spray or Midnight Kiss lotion.

For each individual tanning tone there are still Tan Commandments to be adhered to. Click through to read our application techniques for our products that have been sent from heaven to achieve an angelic tan.





Spray Tanning Parties, Great For every occasion, whether it’s for a hen party, or just a good excuse to have a girly night in! 





Spray Tanning Parties For every occasion..£20.00 Per Person


Minimum of 5 guest and the host gets their spray tan Free

As a thank you.


Full Body Spray Tan.............................................£25.00

Half Body Spray Tan............................................£20.00