Soak-off Gel Polish & Gelish Hard Gel



New from Hand & Nail Harmony comes Gelish Colour Gels. The gels come in an array of colours,

apply like polish, with a twist cap and applicator, but are cured in a LED lamp in 30 seconds or in two minutes

in traditional UV lamps,just like gels. Gelish stays on nails with the correct care for up to three weeks with

no chipping or peeling, and soak completely off in only 15 minutes.


Gelish has zero drying time so no more smudging your newly polished nails 10 minutes after they

have been finished.

You can dig around your handbag, run your fingers through your hair, wash your hands.....whatever you please,

without the fear of ruining your beautiful new nails.


Gelish also adds strenght to your natural nails to help them grow naturally long and strong.



Gelish Fingers                                                                                         £25.00

(Includes preperation of the nail, File & Shape, choice of colour)


Gelish Toes                                                                                              £25.00

(Includes prepertaion of the nail, File & Shape, choice of colour)

Gelish Single Nail Repair                                                                         £5.00

Removal of Gelish Gel Polish with nail tidy                                              £15.00

Removal & Reapplication of Gelish Gel Polish                                        £30.00